Georgia Democrats

Georgia Democrats formal brand presentation
Breakfast with the Chairman printed invitation
D abstract
Constituency Caucus brand variations
Congressional District brand variations.

Yellow Dog Club, recurring donor program

Chairman's Circle, high dollar giving club, unused

Project Notes

When first unveiled by then DNC Chair Tim Kaine in the Fall of 2010, the new DNC (D) brand was met with a somewhat cool reaction from the design community and rank and file Democrats alike. The main criticism seemed to be that it evoked a target which, for obvious reasons, was a most undesirable association. Our initial reaction was that it more closely resembled a nazar amulet, and as such was exactly what Democrats needed to protect against the evil eye. Designed by SS+K, a New York based branding and social media firm, the brand wasn’t overly simplistic, but was deceptively simple.

When embarking on a rebrand for Georgia Democrats in January 2011, the first call we made was to the DNC Creative Team. We’ve designed brands for many applications over the years and know a unified brand image is a fundamental tenet of the craft. As well, from years of political work, we knew most party members (never mind voters), made no distinction between their county party, state party and national party. To them, Democratic Party politics was a continuum. Therefore, any branding scheme for Georgia Democrats must begin by acknowledging these facts.

After initial explorations, during which we tinkered with variations that included state icons and symbols, we ultimately returned to the original D brand, combined with Neutraface Slab and Gotham Bold. From there, compatible marks were created for fundraising clubs, constituency caucuses and congressional districts. Overall, the clarity of the design offered a high level of flexibility. The more we worked with the brand, the more we came to appreciate the brilliant simplicity of the design and the versatility of the companion typefaces. Above are a few representative pieces of the brand package. More samples are shown on the Posters page here. Compatible websites may be seen on the Party Websites page here.