Georgia Deserves Better

Project Notes

For the last decade, Democrats have been the minority party in Georgia. As such, the party required a strong, flexible message for effective opposition. The typical approach had been to simply oppose everything, or worse, to allow the Georgia GOP to frame the debate. The result was generally reactionary and negative messages, rather than pro-active and optimistic appeals.

Contained within the single phrase “Georgia Deserves Better” is a positive message of change, combined with a deep concern for the fate of our state and a rejection of current GOP leadership. The campaign included: billboards, bus boards, social media, video, signage, web components and downloadable resources. The campaign focused on twelve key constituency groups within the larger electorate and was targeted to rural and suburban areas where Democrats were under performing.

In the 2012 election, the slogan was appropriated successfully by more than 20 State House and Senate candidates. The campaign has been widely praised as the first of its kind in the Georgia, and a model for positive Democratic opposition in red states throughout the US.

Video Samples

Georgia Was Built by Georgia Democrats
Web video for promotion of Democratic Party of Georgia brand image.

Seniors Deserve Better
Web video for constituency outreach.