Party Websites

Project Notes

In the Spring of 2011, a visual survey of Georgia Democrats statewide revealed a dizzying array of generic political iconography and a mishmash of themes and slogans. There was no visual coherence, or even passing similarity, between affiliated Democratic organizations around the state. More important, there was no distinction between Democratic Party organizations and third-party entities such as PACs, 527s, or blogs. For those wanting to get involved with their local party, their online search often ended in confusion. For those whose job it was to administer communication in their county, there were few resources available.

As with the Georgia Democrats’ branding package, we implemented a seamless online presentation from the national party all the way down to the county level. This approach visually united Georgia Democrats across the state and successfully distinguish them from non-party entities. Over an eight month period, we produced or oversaw production of, more than 25 Democratic Party websites. These WordPress sites were easy for local administrators to update, and each site came complete with social media accounts, email sign-ups, and in some cases, online contribution processing. Finally, each website was stocked with a library of more than 100 custom images for use throughout the political year.